Asset Management

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Lately buzz words such as “Asset Management” are becoming trendy in the industry.  At it very core the concept of asset management involves a systematic condition assessment of various elements of any infrastructure, e.g., retaining walls, bridges, rock slopes, etc. and evaluation of the remaining service life in terms of prioritization of maintenance (repairs). Naresh Samtani has been performing these types of studies for over 15 years and has developed innovative tools for efficient asset management, e.g., the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) approach that has the ability to quantitatively define the quality of an asset and develop a risk based prioritization scheme. Different from the conventional rating systems that most of the industry uses based on subjective evaluation factors, the results of the QFD system are easy to comprehend and useful for allocation of funds for asset management. The results of the QFD system can also be compared with conventional asset management methods such as the Normalized Raw Score (NRS) method to help clients see side-by-side evaluations of the assets and develop more confidence in their decisions for maintenance and repairs. Visit the Asset Management page for more information and contact us if you are interested in having NCSG help with your asset management needs. 

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