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Webinar - Effect of Foundation Deformations on Bridge Structures

Location: ASCE Continuing Online Education (All times are Eastern Time)
Date: March 26, 2018
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Bridge foundations and other appurtenant structures such as approach embankments should be designed so that their deformations will not damage the bridge superstructure or other structural elements or ancillary elements such as utilities, which are often attached to bridge structures. Various aspects of deformations that should be considered in the design of bridges include (a) the effect of uneven settlement between various support elements, (b) the rotation and horizontal movements of the foundation system affecting movements at the bridge-seat level; and (c) serviceability problems near a bridge abutment, in particular the ubiquitous “bump at the end of the bridge” that affects joint serviceability and abutment performance.  The cumulative effect of these deformations may generate uneven deformations and stresses across a bridge system and its subsystems.  This webinar will discuss various aspects of foundation deformation such as differential settlements, angular distortion, construction point concept, ?-0 concept, etc. and compare it with current bridge guidelines to estimate potential distress in bridge superstructures.