Brief Projects Overview

NCSG has completed projects in several states for numerous clients. Our priority is to deliver a quality, timely product that reflects our advanced technical capabilities. We are pleased to share with you a brief overview of some of the projects we have worked on.


Pima County Joint Court Complex

Location: Tucson, AZ     Client: Pima County     Status: Completed

Provided geotechnical recommendations for several multi-story office buildings as well as an above ground and underground parking structure in downtown Tucson.

Ajo Drainage Improvements

Location: Tucson, AZ     Client: Pima County     Status: Completed

After extensive damage from a flood in 2003, Pima County embarked upon several drainage improvement projects. NCSG performed seismic refraction surveys and soil borings to determine excavatability for potential channel modifications at one location, and a detention basin at another site.

Cortaro Road Soil Nail Walls

Location: Marana, AZ     Client: ADOT     Status: Completed

Performed design and post-design services for the widening of the Cortaro Rd. underneath I-10 by cutting into the embankment slope between the abutment and the pier and using soil nail retaining wall to stabilize the slopes.

La Cañada Soil Nail Wall

Location: Oro Valley (Tucson), AZ     Client: Town of Oro Valley     Status: Completed

Prepared performance specifications and reviewed third party soil nail wall designs on behalf of the Town for a retaining wall along La Cañada drive.

Ryan Dike

Location: Graham County, AZ     Client: Entranco Inc. for BLM     Status: Completed

The Ryan Dike was originally constructed in the 1970’s to control the erosion of the banks of the San Simon River. 6 large breaches have developed in the dike, and NCS’ client, Entranco, was tasked with surveying the dike and preparing a plan to repair it. NCSG was tasked with performing test pits and evaluating the suitability of material sources along the dike for the reconstruction.

SR 90: Sierra Vista Multi-Use Path

Location: Cochise County, AZ     Client: ADOT     Status: Completed

The purpose of this project is to construct a Multi Use Pathway (MUP) along SR 90 between Fort Huachuca East Gate and North 7th Street in Sierra Vista. NCSG performed field and laboratory investigations, provided earthwork factors, compaction factors, evaluated collapse potential, and provided recommendations for two retaining walls. One of the walls designed involved using a lightweight concrete fill to mitigate gloal stability.

I-10 Corridor Study

Location: Pima County, AZ     Client: Parsons Brinkerhoff for ADOT     Status: Completed

NCSG evaluated all I-10 bridges between Ina Rd. and 22nd St. in Tucson in support of a coridor study performed by Parsons Brinkerhoff. In addition to field reconaissance and review of as-built drawings, NCSG prepared preliminary axial shaft capacity charts for the corridor that have been used by all consultants working on this stretch of I-10.

SR 80: Bisbee Sidewalk

Location: Cochise County, AZ     Client: EEC for ADOT     Status: Completed

ADOT and the historic mining Town of Bisbee have requested EEC design a sidewalk that connects the Copper Queen Mine Tour with the scenic Lavender Pit Overlook. NCSG provided a field and laboratory investigation, and recommendations for a “retaining wall” required on a portion of this project. As a result of extremely corrosive conditions, steep slope geometery in front of the wall and other factors, a concept was recommended involving supporting the sidewalk on columns socketed into rock as opposed to constructing a conventional retaining wall.

Lambert Lane: Rancho Sonora to First Avenue

Location: Pima County, AZ     Client: Entranco for Town of Oro Valley     Status: Completed

NCSG provided geotechnical recommendations for cast-in-place retaining walls, soil nail walls and MSE walls for this arterial widening project. The project limits have subsequently changed and future geotechnical investigations and design will be needed.

SR 170: San Carlos

Location: San Carlos (Near Globe), AZ     Client: Speedie and Associates Inc. for ADOT     Status: Completed

Design of a light-weight concrete fill (LCF) retaining wall for a sidehill roadway widening. Railroad tracks were within 20-ft of the toe of the existing slope, with a Southwest Gas Pipeline between the slope and the tracks. Additionally, the subsurface conditions consisted of soft, saturated, clayey soils. Settlements from surcharges needed to be minimized to avoid adversely affecting the pipeline or the railroad. Instead of ground improvement, a decision was made to use LCF with a unit weight of 30 pcf to mitigate adverse settlement.

I-10/Miracle Mile TI: MSE Wall Distress

Location: Tucson, AZ     Client: ADOT     Status: Completed

Cracks had formed in the cast-in-place concrete facing of two MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) retaining walls along the WB lanes of I-10 at the Miracle Mile TI. NCSG was tasked with determining the cause of the cracking, and providing recommendations for mitigation. Mitigation in this case consisted of installation of crack monitors and improvements to the clogged weep holes which had been allowing a build up of water pressure behind the walls.