Construction Consultation

Where the Materials Meet the “Road”

The goal of any new Civil Engineering project is the eventual construction of some end product. Too often engineers forget about this ultimate objective and don’t step foot outside of the office, considering their job to be done once the report or plans leaves their hands.

Construction of a soil nail wall where the soil berm technique was used to mitigate destabilization of excavated lifts.
Deep excavation was performed to confirm defect in shaft outside the reinforcing cage.

NCSG has consistently been available to our clients for post-design services and other construction consultation and troubleshooting. We have performed services such as training of inspectors, interpretation of drilled shaft integrity test data, proposing fixes for defective drilled shafts, interpreting soil nail test data, review of value engineering proposals, and observation of construction procedures to name just a few.

NCSG will stay involved in your project as long as you want, until the job is complete!