Forensic Analysis and Expert Consultation

Handling Post-Construction Issues

Lack of expected performance or adverse performance is an unfortunate reality of many engineering projects. This may occur due to natural events (e.g., seismic activities) or human error (professional negligence). Whether or not these are catastrophic failures (stability issues) or minor damage to a structure (serviceability issues), they must be evaluated by a qualified professional and guidance must be provided to the owner for a course of action.

Distressed large modular block MSE wall

NCSG has been involved in several projects that required a detailed forensic analysis and review of previous engineering designs and geotechnical data. This is not always performed to assess liability, but in many cases is simply to back-analyze the reason for the problem and to help engineer a solution. Sometimes all that is needed is monitoring, in others cases the intuitive solution could actually cause more problems, and in others a cutting-edge design is required for safe remediation. NCSG’s considerable experience and advanced technical skills makes it a logical choice when problems arise.

MSE wall that moved and closed the gap between the wall face and the pier-style abutment column cap.

Occasionally simply fixing the problem is not enough. In those cases where liability must be assessed and expert consultation services such as deposition and testimony are required as part of litigation processes, NCSG is able to meet those needs.

NCSG has provided forensic evaluation and expert consultation services to private and public clients in several states for a variety of projects whose construction costs ranged from several hundred thousand to over 1.5 billion dollars, e.g., large public private partnership (PPP) endeavors.

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