Geotechnical Analysis and Design

Putting our Best Foot Forward

Complex slope stability analysis

Without a doubt, one of the greatest strengths of NCSG is its advanced analysis and design capabilities. NCSG has over $35,000 worth of geotechnical software, and gigabytes of custom spreadsheets and programs to perform cutting edge geotechnical analysis and design calculations. More importantly than that, NCSG has decades of experience in engineering practice, and the technical background to successfully apply these tools to get the job done right.

By glancing at this website, you will quickly get the idea that NCSG is an engineering firm in the truest sense of the word: applying science in practice.

NCSG has experience in design with nearly every type of geotechnical project including bridges, buildings, embankments, pavements, conventional retaining walls, soil nail walls, MSE walls, hybrid walls, tiebacks and anchors, micropiles, ground improvement, seepage, dam safety and inspection, finite element analysis, slope stability, rockfall, shallow foundations, forensic analysis, and emergency repairs.

Mesh for finite element seepage analysis to determine infiltration of flood waters in ephemeral waterways

Part of NCSG’s design and analysis on every project is a very rigorous QA/QC process, including an independent technical review. Additionally, NCSG recognizes the critical importance of effectively communicating results of its analyses to both technical and non-technical personnel and stand proudly behind the quality of its reports, drawings, and specifications.

Quite often engineers in the geotechnical community blindly apply “cookbook” methods to problems without truly understanding the implications, sometimes without even understanding the problem! By selecting NCSG as part of your team you can be assured of the highest quality product that is based on site- and project-specific considerations and in accordance with the latest applicable guidelines.