Practical Research and Development

Putting Cutting Edge Technology and Innovation Into Your Projects

NCSG cooperates with the industry and academia in practical research and development (R&D). This practical R&D is often developed out of necessity on actual projects where there is little to no guidance in published literature and leads to innovative solutions. In cases like this there is no margin for error and procedures that are developed are immediately validated. Following are some examples of innovative work by NCSG:

  • Infiltration analysis to evaluate effect of floods on deep foundations in ephemeral waterways,
  • Quantification and calibration of uncertainty in foundation deformations for LRFD,
  • Analytical procedures for axial and lateral resistance of drilled shafts in dense and cemented soils,
  • Use of in situ tests and optimization of drilled shaft design in cemented soils and weak rocks,
  • Integrity testing of drilled shafts,
  • Field-testing procedures for hollow-core soil nails,
  • Methods to incorporate soil nails in MSE walls for remediation purposes,
  • Hybrid retaining wall systems (e.g., soldier-pile lagging walls in fill with MSE type panels and deadman anchors, soil nail walls in fill, geofoam infill between soil nail wall and fascia walls),
  • Jet grouting in boulder laden high plasticity and expansive clays,
  • Use of lightweight fill materials as retaining wall backfills,
  • Mitigation of effect of ground fissuring activity on pavements and bridge foundations,
  • True bridge abutments (spread foundations on top of MSE walls),
  • Lateral pressure distribution on MSE wall face due to deep foundations within MSE backfill,
  • Ground improvement by deep or shallow soil mixing,
  • Bearing capacity of shallow foundations in soils with varying properties in the horizontal direction,
  • Effect of vertical and lateral stiffness of bearing pads between MSE wall panels on the  behavior of the MSE walls,
  • Implementation of Load Resistance Factor Design concepts.

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