ADOT SF-1 (Spread Footing – Bearing Resistance and Settlement)

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Title: ADOT SF-1 (Spread Footing – Bearing Resistance and Settlement)

Authored By: NCS GeoResources, LLC

Sponsoring Agency: Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)



Memorandum SF-1 presents guidance for the bearing and settlement analysis of spread footings. The intent of this policy is to present a general overview of the development of the information needed by the bridge designer to design substructure elements consisting of spread footings. The concept of bearing resistance chart is introduced which permits a combined evaluation of strength and service limit states. The concept is illustrated by an example subsurface profile and a step-by-step solution. Evaluation of the computed settlements in terms of effect of deformations on a bridge structure and staged construciton analysis is also presented.


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