Enhancing Your Team and Products

NCSG offers opportunities to enhance your team and products. NCSG can offer its services in a number of different scenarios to suit the needs of its clients.

Geotechnical Investigations

From soil boring, to rock coring, test pits, geologic mapping, and everything in between, NCSG can perform geotechnical investigations to characterize nearly any site.

Geotechnical Analysis and Design

From the simple to the tremendously complex, NCSG can perform geotechnical analysis on a wide variety of foundations and structures.

Peer Reviews

Sometimes geotechnical firms are lacking in experienced staff to perform adequate reviews of design concepts and calculations. Don’t let that be an excuse for not doing them, NCSG can help!

Construction Consultation

Most geotechnical firms stop providing services when the report or plans go out the door, not NCSG! NCSG is prepared to assist owners or contractors in dealing with difficult or unexpected conditions during the construction phase.

Forensic Analysis and Expert Consultation

When structures experience deformation, or worse, you want an experienced geotechnical firm that can analyze why the failure occurred, and if necessary, determine any negligence or faulty designs.

Value Evaluation and Risk Evaluation

While a particular design may be perfectly acceptable, it isn’t always the best fit for the project parameters, or the most economical. NCSG can leverage its significant experience to help reduce project costs and reduce risk.

Training Courses and Webinars

Naresh Samtani, the president of NCSG has been teaching geotechnical courses to Departments of Transportation (DOTs) all over the country.

Practical Research and Development

Research and Development is a little different at NCSG than at other, more academic institutions. NCSG’s research involves active engineering projects with both time and budgetary constraints.

Geotechnical Standards and Policies

NCSG has been helping various agencies setup their geotechnical standards and policies to address the rapidly changing state of the practice.

Asset Management

See how NCSG can use innovative approaches to management assets in the age of shrinking funding resources.

Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

NCSG has worked with several agencies including FHWA and ADOT to implement the new AASHTO LRFD specifications into practice.