Enhancing Your Team and Products

Making Your Team More Marketable and Help Win Projects

NCS GeoResources, LLC (NCSG) offers opportunities to enhance your team and products. These opportunities are available through services such as peer reviews, value analysis, risk assessment, mitigation of potentially adverse situations, forensic analysis, expert consultation, technology transfer, mentoring of staff, live training, webinars, consulting oversight, client management, business development, proposal writing, marketing, preparation of presentations, practical implementation of LRFD for geo-structural features, calibration of load and resistance factors, calibration of LRFD service limit state for foundation movements, etc.

Several firms (national to local) have already availed themselves of these unique opportunities leading to better products and more business for them. Agencies have relied on this opportunity to: (a) streamline their policies and guidelines which have then led to significant savings of tax payer dollars, and (b) obtain independent technical reviews that help provide different perspectives leading to better final products. Collaboration has also been international where NCSG’s Naresh Samtani has teamed with leading educational entities for technology transfer. For example, the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) invited him as a Scholar-In-Residence to teach practitioners, faculty, and students the new MSE-LASR technology which involves use of Local Available Sustainable Resources (LASR) for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls.

NCSG can offer its services in a number of different scenarios to suit the needs of its clients. For example, NCSG can serve as an extension of your staff through an on-call teaming arrangement. Alternatively, NCSG can work as a sub-consultant on a project-by-project basis. Under any scenario, NCSG can help you by providing objective (unbiased) input. We look forward to establishing a win-win working relationship with you and your firm. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.