Geotechnical Investigations

The "Foundation" of our Geotechnical Work

Truck-mounted drilling

A good geotechnical field and laboratory investigation and interpretation of subsurface data is the “foundation” of any geotechnical design recommendations. As with many other things, geotechnical design is “garbage in garbage out.” The design recommendations are only as good as the input data that comes from the geotechnical investigations and interpretations of the subsurface data.

Drilling on a talus slope

NCSG has performed countless investigations, and is well suited to handle even the most demanding of investigation requirements. Whether it is site reconnaissance and geologic mapping, standard truck mounted hollow stem auger drilling, air rotary (Tubex / Stratex / Odex), track-mounted difficult access, extreme difficult access drilling/coring with helicopter mobilizations, NCSG is prepared to do whatever is necessary to obtain the appropriate surface and subsurface information.

Lifting a drill rig by a helicopter to a difficult access location

Although NCSG does not operate it’s own drill rigs and geotechnical testing laboratory, it maintains close personal and working relationships with several of the best drillers and laboratories in Arizona and nationwide. NCSG closely monitors the work that these trusted sub-consultants do to ensure that the appropriate subsurface data are collected for analysis and design.