Naresh Samtani of NCS GeoResources, LLC (NCSG) has a network of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from local to national level. This network includes SMEs who specialize in geotechnical engineering as well as associated disciplines such as structural, transportation, drainage, and construction engineering. Thus, NCSG's network is interdisciplinary and permits an evaluation of a project from various viewpoints. These SMEs have been interacting for many years on a frequent basis on a variety of technical topics. As appropriate, input on a specific topic is solicited from one or more SMEs before developing a final solution. Following are testimonials from a few SMEs in this network. More testimonials (references) can be provided on project-specific basis. Contact Us if you need further information.

“I have known and worked together with Dr. Samtani for approximately 30 years including my tenure with the Federal Government, The National Academies and now in consulting practice. His knowledge, skills, and work/professional ethics are impeccable. His experience spans a diverse range of design, construction, and monitoring topics related to geotechnical features. He is and has been among my short list of “go to experts” for information for infrastructure topics for many years and his guidance and work products are always current, thorough, and practical.”

Jerry A. DiMaggio, PE, D.GE
Current: Senior Principal Civil Engineer: Associate, Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA)
Former: (1) Principal Bridge Engineer and National Geotechnical Engineering Program Manager: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), US Department of Transportation (USDOT), and (2) Implementation Coordinator for the Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2): The National Academies

“Dr. Samtani and I have worked together on various research, specification development and implementation projects since 2009.  All of these projects involved the extension of reliability based service limit states for the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and the AASHTO Guide Specification for Service Life Design of Highway Bridges. Dr. Samtani was the team geotechnical expert. His extraordinary knowledge of both geomechanics and reliability theory enabled him to make transformative contributions to design requirements and to do that in a way that yielded practical, workable outcomes. We have co-authored five papers on the technical background and results of that work. He has exemplified the professional mantra of quality work delivered on time and within budget. His ability to work with oversight committees was instrumental in the adoption of his work into the national design practice.”

John M. Kulicki, PhD, PE, NAE, F.SEI
Consulting Engineer

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Naresh for well over 15 years across a variety of different projects and activities. Without question, I can say that his most valuable contribution is his incredible versatility across all the services he provides. His knowledge, familiarity, understanding and overall expertise have proven to be a fantastic combination of resources for solving complex technical project challenges, as well as providing incredible insights, perspective, and recommendations to the overarching design standards, guidelines and process requirements. Through every single situation we’ve worked on, his value-added contributions have resulted in significant cost reductions for various features, and a much better overall product in the end!!  The engineering profession has continued to benefit greatly, based on all the contributions he has made.”

Rick Ellis, PE
Director of Transportation Services, Pima Association of Governments

Dr. Naresh Samtani has a flair for solving tough geotechnical problems, whether they be a project-specific design or construction challenge, or a geotechnical practice and code guidance issue. I have known and worked with him since 2000, and his list of publications shows his wealth of experience and his contributions to geotechnical engineering state-of-the-practice. Dr. Samtani has published clear, concise practical geotechnical engineering guidance for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on Soil Nail Walls, MSE Walls, Soils and Foundations, Drilled Shaft Foundations, Spread Footing Foundations, and Subsurface Investigations. He is also a leader in the development of state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering techniques for service limit state design of bridge foundations, and moving them into practice. Dr. Naresh Samtani delivers clear and concise design, code, and construction guidance on his projects; and is a valuable member of any project team.

Ryan R. Berg, PE, D.GE, F.ASCE
Ryan R. Berg & Associates, Inc.

I have known and worked with Naresh Samtani on geotechnical engineering projects since 1998 when we both worked for URS. I have always found his work to be professional, client-focused, creative, and of high quality. Over the years I have enjoyed, both professionally and personally, discussing geotechnical engineering issues and potential common sense solutions with Naresh. I have always learned something from our interactions.

Jim Scott, PE
Principal Engineer, AECOM

“I have known Naresh Samtani for nearly 15 years, first while I was a civil engineering manager for Pima County Department of Transportation and now as a professor of practice with the University of Arizona. Naresh’s expertise in geotechnical engineering is deep and his ability to communicate engineering analysis and recommendations are respected by consultants, contractors, and owners. On the La Cholla Boulevard project, Naresh not only performed the geotechnical analysis for the bridge foundation, he also developed relevant training materials and provided outstanding training for construction inspectors on the project. Recently Naresh developed an instructional module targeted to the construction engineering students at the University of Arizona which always receives high praise from students for the practical application of content. Naresh is one of those rare experts who can communicate complex concepts to a variety of audiences.”

Dean Papajohn, PhD, PE
Professor of Practice, Civil & Architectural Engineering and Mechanics, University of Arizona

I have known Naresh since 1998. We first met while I was a Resident Engineer for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) in Tucson. We then worked together for a multi-national Architectural/Engineering (A/E) firm. Most recently, we have interacted on several projects around southern Arizona, both as consultants. While at ADOT, Naresh helped guide me to best understand key construction elements of geotechnical instrumentation such as piezometers and inclinometers. Since then, on several projects, Naresh provided my inspection teams with hands-on training for geotechnical aspects of the construction of different types of foundations (e.g., drilled shafts) and retaining walls (e.g., MSE walls). He simplified the inspection process, explained its importance, and made it look easy, which put the staff at ease.

Maher Salah, PE
Vice President / Field Services Managing Principal, HDR