ADOT DS-1 (Drilled Shaft – Axial Resistance)

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Title: ADOT DS-1 (Drilled Shaft – Axial Resistance)

Authored By: NCS GeoResources, LLC

Report Date: September 2021

Sponsoring Agency: Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)



Memorandum ADOT DS-1 outlines the development of drilled shaft axial resistance charts based on methods specified in AASHTO (2010). The intent of this memorandum is to present a general overview of the development of the information needed by the bridge designer to design substructure elements consisting of drilled shafts. The memorandum presents detailed explanation for the development of axial resistance charts that show variation of axial resistance with depth. Procedures for developing axial resistance charts for strength limit state and service limit states are discussed. Development of a site and shaft specific load-deformation relationship is demonstrated which is important for consideration of serviceability of the structure supported by drilled shaft foundations.


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