ADOT SF-2 (Spread Footing – Limiting Eccentricity)

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Title: ADOT SF-2 (Spread Footing – Limiting Eccentricity)

Authored By: NCS GeoResources, LLC

Sponsoring Agency: Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)



The purpose of Memorandum ADOT SF-2 is to address inconsistencies related to limiting eccentricity criteria between allowable stress design and and current LRFD practice. Based on comprehensive parametric analyses it was found that the limiting eccentricity criteria in AASHTO (2010 and previous LRFD editions) were based on load factors from Load Factor Design (LFD) and not load factors from LRFD. Based on the parametric analyses, limiting eccentricity criteria used in LRFD with respect to eccentric loads and overturning have been modified to match successful past ASD practice. The recommended limiting eccentricity criteria for eccentric loads were reviewed by AASHTO and the next version of AASHTO will include modified criteria that are based on the work reported in Memorandum SF-2.


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