ADOT SF-3 (Spread Footing – Sliding and Bearing Resistance Factors)

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Title: ADOT SF-3 (Spread Footing – Sliding and Bearing Resistance Factors)



Memorandum ADOT SF-3 attempts to clarify the confusion between the resistance factors for sliding presented in Section 11 (Abutments, Piers, and Walls) and Section 10 (Foundations). In Section 11, a single resistance factor of 0.55 for bearing resistance of gravity and semi-gravity walls and a resistance factor of 1.0 for sliding resistance of all walls. In Section 10, the resistance factors are a function of the method of computation of resistance, interface between the structural element and the foundation soil, and the type of soil. Memorandum ADOT SF-3 presents clear guidelines on the use of appropriate resistance factors in this regard.


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