LRFD Example Problem 1 – CIP Wall with Level Backfill

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Title: LRFD Example Problem 1 – CIP Wall with Level Backfill

Authored By: NCS GeoResources, LLC

Report Date: October 2011

Sponsoring Agency: Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)



This example problem presents a detailed solution for a typical cast-in-place (CIP) wall used by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). A level backfill configuration with a traffic barrier and live load surcharge is assumed. The solution uses ADOT policies to demonstrate the application of LRFD principles in analyzing the external stability limit states that include strength limit states (bearing resistance, sliding, and limiting eccentricity) and service limit state (settlement). Each step is referenced to applicable AASHTO and ADOT policies. The example problem was developed by NCS GeoResources, LLC, under a task order of an on-call contract with the ADOT Materials Group. The ADOT Bridge Group reviewed the computations for conformance with its standards and used the approach to develop the bearing pressures for strength and service limit states for the ADOT SD 7.01 walls.


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