I-10/Miracle Mile TI: MSE Wall Distress

Location: Tucson, AZ
Client: ADOT
Status: Completed

Crack monitor to evaluate the extent and rate of crack development

Cracks had formed in the cast-in-place (CIP)concrete facing of two MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) retaining walls along the WB lanes of I-10 at the Miracle Mile TI. NCSG was tasked with determining the cause of the cracking, and providing recommendations for mitigation.

Detailed distress maps were prepared based on optical survey results. An array of crack monitors was installed to evaluate movements. The primary reasons for observed distress were adverse drainage patterns above the top of the wall and use of CIP facing with clogged weepholes. Cleaning of weep holes served to relieve the build-up of water pressure behind the walls. The grades behind the wall were also rectified.